Funny how the unknown coupled with the unsaid...
Is that really you or has that little old crack in me,
that seamless eel-like rupture penetrated at last my
inner shell?

I left the room without your solace,
my scattered words meant to impress,
breaching the void....reaching.

I left the room.
The room that was no more the moment I saw...
The room that eclipsed by a gentle glimpse
eyes hovering over my lips,
a rose-lipped mouth
a welcoming piece
your hair so dense
my fingers capturing
a life imprisonment
a wish!

A coffee mug, a table, the reminiscence of (un)spoken word, their blurred
faces - the poetry of it all stood still in your front...

The room?
The people?

I now whisper. I now shiver.
'Cause lights got dimmed and
nothing remains but your voice,
my ears sucking every
dripping sound of yours
the psyche of a choice.

Fear now awaits...I speak the truth;
a written passion, a thorny promise, a man of wood.



                                                  [Athens, 31.5.2017]