Drive gently through the child's night
the foes and woes the chills and thrills.

Speak words of recollection
hide fast away and weep. mother's thought,
that woman's roar...

Now open legs
speed up, respond to
no one and all
sail far away and wait...

The sea's your soul's rendition
her tender waves profuse in foam
translucid jelly-fish and seagulls
so carelessly reclaim your home.

Strike strongly with a trauma's vigour,
swim through the numbness of time foregone,
still concentrate on all you wish to
know that this starfish is meant to


you strive no more.

Pick up withered gardenia petals
yellow with halos, fleshy and soft;
adorn anew your leafy branches:
here comes the soothing warmth of dawn



                                                                 [Athens, 26.2.2017]