translated by Pavlina Marvin 

Grandma, five years gone
Come back now, over the snow
Surely you can’t have forgotten
How to laugh, even though you don’t chat
Grandma, we ’ve a lot to say
Those of us, who just get by
I know you still look after me
But when I call
The phone is dead
Grandma, you’d never believe
How superbly I roast the meat
And though I am so tired of thinking
I can bear now much more tickling
Grandma, I no longer fear
Your set of dentures in the glass
And no more favours shall I ask
Grandma, Grandma, please just tell me
A million times the same old story
I just pretended that it bored me
Now I’ll interrupt for questions
Grandma, those cold candied apples
Useless pebbles on the table
I don’t care no more for presents
I ask for presence
Grandma, run ’cos I expect you
This first month’s first night
Come, I grow up in a hurry
I am no one’s granddaughter