translated by the poet  


I would like to live forever

I could you say

you know I could not,

there is nothing I could

It must be the lack of colours             and all my shortages

                                                       packed with their own shortages

in some abandoned beach


from white to black

with some moments in grey

and blue


So i live and the same time I die         i see the night              bright


                                                        and the light




          But what can I do         those things                 I can do


                                                        T h a t

                                                        is what I should do


so i name my body                  some sort of name                   contemporary


iname my desire                      something endlessly mortal    


this is how I spin around




            in decay          



i write in only one kind of language 

that which i am and in which i exist


i write what I breath in electricity  

Under a tree in cool efficiency 


Einai (Is), FRMK editions, Athens, 2015