Jamaica inn

One Zero One 1O1 Greek Poets

translated by  Yannis Goumas

Our life has changed somewhat;
we no longer live in town
but on the road leading to the sea.
At night we take up our time
with the moon's passage
the whirring on the hills
and the horses that wend their way to the water hole.

If you do decide to come
you'll be company to me at night
now that autumn's here
and the hinges grate in the dark.
You' ll learn to pray
with fervour and despair
and this odd feeling
will match nature's rough-edged outline.

Brin only a few clothes and books
as they last longer here;
and don't forget to pack suitable shoes
there's a marsh behind the house
and in winter it rains a lot.

I'll stop now; look after yourself -
and I love you very much, you Know.
I think of you thinking on that sofa by the window
of time and ageing bodies.
All such are baseless here
we have but a strong, lucid eternity
that doesn't tire one, although at times the eyes smart.

I must go and close the window
the wind has risen again.

  One Zero One 1O1 Greek Poets, Odos Panos Publications, Athens, 2013

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