The new symmetry

Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis

translated by Theodoros Chiotis

The concept of the cycle troubles me still

I am in fear of everything that was created over the centuries
Their balance suggests decay

What was it that happened to the sun and it ended up like that

I feel the great change approaching
I will sleep until Spring
The words of memory will accompany me

I count the dead things on the path I travel
I lean on ancient moments

When are we going to find ourselves again on this side of death?

At the point where the circle opens
Behind time

I repel ghosts
I experience the world as something liminal

The only thing that wears me out
Is the quietude of truth
I still believe in beauty

Myth reenters
In the rhythm of the immeasurable
It needs no verification

Even though it is still raining down on us

Most kings end up with a decapitated head

Every number has more than one meanings
The allure of prison
Every impulse will be forgiven
We are part of certain bets between saints

We are part of the reflection
And not the other way round

And it is still pouring down on us

Not will
But the need for will
A different pleasure
An economy of desire

The reproduction of death
If the wind wants to sing it
It will go even through bones to make it happen
It is a fact that pain sounds always louder than pleasure

Uncanny sound; cease

I am under the impression that time and space are no longer
The one and the same
Childhood amnesia
The privilege of the blind
A noble obligation
Or rather a womb of fear

Ultimately it is harder to breathe
Than what I believed when I was born

Stop listening to the voices
Listen to the voice
With no equality
Or proportion of measures

Every man just before he dies
Wishes he were a woman

The concept of opposition is a trap
The bipolarity of our thinking is to blame
Parallel roads must be discovered

The problem is symbolic

And it's not the endless outside that scares me
But the endless inside

I can offer no more than a life
And scattered dreams from previous lives

I am sorry

But it is at the altitude of dreams where the battle takes place

I am with no one and this means I am with the majority
It's the new symmetry

We know nothing but we will not retreat yet
Because nothingness has been uttered
And the time for something has come
A while has passed but not time
Paradise has not yet been defined
Perhaps only innocence
So many gods we have invented we are bound to find the one

And if only death and nothingness are the only things left for us
Then in death and nothingness we shall find hope

We have always had the sun with us
And from what I see the sun is still here

   Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis, ed. by Theodoros Chiotis, Penned in the Margins, U.K, 2015 


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