translated by Markos Dendrinos


Since I was a young girl
tear was boiled in my chest
as well as blood
and my mind was full of
trees and hanged

my mother was saying
that this is due to my name
as it differed only a little
from that of dark Hecate
the name was a fault
so they called me
fresh branch, gentle breeze
and smell of meadows

for years not called
I had forgotten my name
but when I rose one morning
I existed partly
and my self was shouting
who are you who are you
then as enchanted
I answered to my insides
I am Hecuba
prey of myself
worker of the earthly
hide-and-seek is my fate
a vessel smashed
I am Hecuba

and the goddess rose
assuming that I called her
my chosen, she told me
the letter does not save you
I waited for your word
for the whole catching you

so Troy was seized
as the goddess’ teeth
gapped madly
our walls and homes

in that day
it was raining spells