translated by Mina Karavanta

the secret was still
resting on the lips –

it then faded
as dreams fade
when the wind begins
to slam the door shutters.

the twig bends,
breaks –

a phrase that
remains incomplete
and lightens the face
with the blush of embarrassment,
of need

(the need to close the eyes,
to let the hands write the epilogue).

when the wind abated
she turned her face to his side,
she smiled,
pulled the sheet softly
up to her eyes
(he caught a glance of the mole
In her right armpit).

there –
at the point where the form is completed
and perfection

on the highlands of the scents
where the mandragoras disseminated their aroma.

  Affirmation, Dedalus, Dublin 2007 Pietà