translated by Despina L. Crist, Robert L. Crist


to Elias N. Melios

At the hour of asbestos’s
the fame of resurrection
brought forth intact
light, earth, water,
In those days
when in the unbuilt dome
a sea was suspended in a votive lamp,
it drizzled
the sin of laws;
In those days,
defiled in gold was the workshop
of Prometheus, the Almighty
where the gods
concealed truth in the darkness
where light coupled.
Blessed the citizens and the statesmen
in the justice
of Homer’s
fertile glory.
Blessed the parents that embrace the earth
in glowing armor.
Thus confessions there were
of conspiratorial loves –
confessions of perjured death.
After all, neither Cain or Abel
ever existed –
nor blind Abraham;
simple the prophesies
of the city without walls,
of seven falls
from birth to burial,
of Herod’s ankle
sanctified by mortals,
or monarchs
and immortal heroes
of the Newest Testament.


     The sole faithful resident, Pikramenos Publications, Patras, 2018