translated by Theodoros Chiotis


of         chaos   Ch                   Ch       ch        cha      ha

chaos   Here    with the           Chaos  Cha                  ha        cha       And

believea-          -           nothing one     Chaos  which  speaks  as if it were nothing   

                        a                      aa         a          a          in         Your dreams

o          Ch       s           o          andall of it       ch        ch        Chaos  Ch       Ch

-the                  a                      ch                    Don’t   You Hear puts on a     


Ch                   if                      you hear                                              Ch

don’t you hear-don’t   you      see       the morning isthe hour is                  

the body          now is              the dream        and naked it is

there it is         chaos                           simultaneous:

chaos is            the order                                  order is                        chaos

-you now believe                     and you laugh ha                   ha-ha              

       and it isn’t laughing   -hhh     ahah    a          ha        aHa


                      Einai (Is), FRMK editions, Athens, 2015