translated by Christiana Mygdali

The valleys are green
The cows are happy
And the buildings are high.

Smiley avenues overflow the sky
And I walk on the clouds
in my crystal slippers.

And patterns
And rings are hanging from my hair.

My dress is blowing with the breeze

White is the dream.

The sun is my friend, and always by my side
He is not going to burn me, I believe,
It's me he loves.

He chose me.
He came to my bed and warmed to me.

He didn't go to others.

No, I don't want to wake up.
Leave me alone.
There, at the green landscape
Like a painting.

Just leave me there
And I will make a little house and a tree.

A child, a pencil line
Will be holding my hand
While the sun will be looking after us.

Just leave me there
And I'll breastfeed
the child to fill,
to gain a bit of color.

Please, don't.
Don't wake me up.
It's not time yet.

The valleys seem still so green.

  Flamingo, Melani Pubs, Athens, 2014