translated by Yannis Goumas

She disappeared. Can you help?

Young, tiny, water-lily eyed, climbing hair
height and weight negligible, infinitesimal
without personal belongings
she had an unemployment card for an ID card
I knew her: she was pretty
she enjoyed flower shops, the sea, greenhouses
her mother was earthen
she of white porcelain
She was treated in a reformatory
She escaped. Returned. Lived. The bearable despair
of an unbearable life
But perhaps not lived
“she suffered from ignorance”
she writes

No one looks in the metro
They just go by
(alert) “The writing is palindromic”, can’t you see?
She wanted, dared, but couldn’t manage
reality overtook her

She disappeared
Her life is no longer threatened


Terrarium, the Ward’s Case, Melani Publications, Athens, 2014