translated by Yannis Goumas

I went ten times round the living room
I carried you
without my breaking
I struggled speechless I endured weird things
I turned round a thousand times I stood up
to crackling, jolts, unrest
in the centrifugal shatter

I used a lasso, I caught a noose
I held out
I had
fun, I got nervy
mama’s crystal pumps
--a dear graduation present and a wish for good studies
and quick restoration
(family, social, professional)

our between us truce

In a rage
you blocked me in the bedroom’s frost
by way of toeing the line and making an example of me

I resorted to the Facebook
I had 3 likes in our common link
an invitation to the group: I want to go round the world
a friendly request by the user with the pseudonym
“Coniferous Beast”
and in the Inbox junk mail and spam for Viagra, cialis
and paid degrees


    Parkour, Gabrielides Publications, Athens, 2012