translated by Yannis Goumas

I happened to be a nameless filling
the bastard of a Pain and a Pleasure
who had it off at an untimely moment
scion of unknown facts and unknown other kin

I wandered in the terra incognita of my childhood
looking for clues of identity
I found – here and there -- a woolly animal, a sleeping bag, a book
odds and ends that one discovers in destructions
in air crashes
scattered objects of no importance

Pieces of the self

I grew up as an adopted child of a Despair
persistently forgetful of supporting the forgotten

In the evening I talked with missing persons

I wasn’t indifferent to social restoration
yet I never had a liking for registrars

I’ve grown up and I still haven’t learnt the age of the dead


    Parkour, Gabrielides Publications, Athens, 2012