I want to kiss you where death seams easier

In between where the shadow falls

translated by  Yannis Goumas

I discovered you enthusiastic
Among the souls of the dead playing around you

And I felt your tongue in my blood

Everyone talked about the benefit you'd reveal to me

So tell me from where so many dead come out

Melancholy is not a feeling my little one
But a way of existing

As when you rest your face on your knees
And look out as if hearing the waves
Of that sea we had renounced

Then again should you find errors amorous
How much will hope hurt us do you think

If I must yield
Then I'll yield to imagination

Where I'm now it's raining
And you are very beautiful in the photo

You bear the motion
The mania of panic

But our rebel love affair
Is still threatened by love

We don't know how to say I love you
Without salt on our lips

We'll live between two mirrors

What's so wrong about you
That makes me love you so

I want to kiss you
Where death seems easier

    In between where the shadow falls, Gavrielides Publications, Athens 2013



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