translated by Tzoutzi Mantzourani


in memoriam of Ioanna Chatzinikoli.


What a fatigue!
Smelling the roses
Putting chaos in order
Or, adding water in a glass of wine.
My friends are professors of phonetics
In birds
Designers of inox cages
Salesmen in Athena’s Str.
China pomegranates on sale stands
Five times I looked at them
And all five were gone.
Only the “class of the voyager” has remained
And even this is crippled.
Into dirt and cold water
Here, in the very same place
Into Before and into After,
A bit less, and a bit more
A bit of this and a bit of that
Until I learn
How to count and to forget.
Just so, that I will ever believe in Time.


      The struggle of acts, Provocateur, 2018